Finland landscape and rowboat

Good morning people 😀

Vappu yesterday was great, first we (Lee and me (Binna)) went to a house party and afterwards to Americanos. For Kankaanpää standard there were actually lots of people.

Two days ago Lee, Evgeny and me decided to rent a rowboat, so we went to the gas station and got one for 16€. The first barrier was to find the right boat, there was a number on the key but it didn’t fit to any of those 20 boats, so we tried everyone.

The weather was very fine, sunny although not that warm, I guess 15 degree Celsius and a little bit windy, but compared to the weather last days it was fantastic! I also jumped into the water, sooooo cold, in my feeling I guess it was about 3 degrees because the water was still frozen a couple of days ago.

As we rowed over the lake we just realized a bottle swimming around, I wondered: “what the hack”, is it the first waste I see on that beautiful see? I just caught the bottle and it was fastened to the ground of the lake suddenly I noticed that there was a fishing net with several fishes.
We took one big fish with us and ate it at home, it was so crazy!
Cause before we found that fishing net we nearly capsized the boat, it was total ironic and just a lot of fun.

In the early afternoon before that adventure I caught the car and just drove through the land, here are some photos:

The school car 😀

And actually everywhere those, I call it “elk warning sign” :-D. You can see them every 2-5km.

Alright, it’s quite late now and I’m gonna go to bed now.

Wish you a nice Wednesday 🙂


Tampere, amusement park and sunset

Hey people,
I’m totally exhausted after that adventurous day indeed it was really awesome.

This is the post about Tampere, I’m gonna write the post about today tomorrow or so, we (Binna, Lee and the Russian guy) were with a rowboat at the lake, caught a fish, swam in the lake (3 degree I guess :D), enjoyed the sun and finally nearly capsized with the boat ^^.

We started our trip to Tampere at about half past 10 on Saturday, the street was fantastic, always up and down, endless and wonderful views.

We found some funny statues too:

After visiting the centre (Keskusta in Finnish) from Tampere we went to the amusement park nearby. For about 35€ entry costs we were able to ride every attraction, it was so much fun, the weather was changeable but it didn’t rain and the sun came out from time to time too.

A big tower was located in the amusement park too, 168m high and we decided to have a look at Tampere from “upstairs” 😀

The lake, called Näsiselkä, was mostly still frozen:

Arrived back at Kankaanpää I (Binna) caught the car and drove down to the lake photographing the sunset, beautiful!

It’s 22:43 now, today we’ll just go to Sauna and afterwards directly into bed 😀

Wish you a nice evening 🙂

Mini-cruise short post :)

Hey people 🙂

Sorry for the delay but we were really busy last days. Lee and me (Binna) went on a mini-Cruise and now it’s 00:17, we just arrived back from sauna and are going to Americanos yet.

The cruise was fantastic, i’ll write a larger post tomorrow when I have more time, these are just the pictures we made so we can show you some expressions.

All in all it was very funny, we departed on Wednesday at 4pm and arrived back on Thursday at about 12pm.
The disco was pretty cool, the buffet on Thursday midday was absolutely fantastic, there were about 100 different food types, fish, meat, cheese, all kind of anything 😀

Today (Saturday) we had a look at Tampere, but I’ll come to it at a later post.

Here are some pictures right now:

There were about 12 decks 😀

On Wednesday we visited the wellness area, it was quite nice 😀

I’ll write something tomorrow, wish you a nice evening now 🙂

Pori, Yyteri and Mäntykallo

Sunday, 22th of April

Hey people,
today we started our trip to Pori at 9am. The outward journey was alright even there was not much traffic and it took us about 45 minutes until we arrived in Pori.

Pori itself is a city with approximately 83000 inhabitants but the sky was cloudy and it was sunday hence there weren’t many people so the city seemed very extinct.

Also very funny: how did they got the car in there 😛

We didn’t stay that long in Pori and decided to journey on to Meri-Pori. Meri-Pori is a headland with several beaches and places. Our first destination was Yyteri, the Germans already told us about Yyteri and they were very excited so we went to have a look on it.
And all in all we didn’t regret anything, but just let the pictures speak a few words:

It’s a very beautiful place there, it was just a pity that the sun didn’t shine and the sea was very very cold 😀
There were several dune at the beach and as we walked down one of those dune we realised that there was snow beneath, the whole snow was covered with sand, it looked so crazy!

After seeing Yyteri we drove nearly to the end of the headland to a place called Mäntykallo.

It was really cool, the sea was exciting and the atmosphere was fantastic. After discovering this place of Finland we drove back to Pori for lunch and had a look at the shopping centre which opens on sunday at 12am.

The return journey to Kankaanpää was nice, on the streets you’re mostly only allowed to drive 80 or 100 km/h, there are also lots of radars and you can see everywhere those “elk warning signs” :D. The streets themselves are quiet long and mostly monotonous.

Here are some other pictures from last week:

The wether is very instable, it’s possible that the sun shines very beautiful in the morning and on afternoon it starts snowing.
There’s a nice lake located near Kankaanpää and it’s still frozen, not that much as in winter because the ice already started melting but on the surface there’s still a quite huge ice cap. It’s the same lake I told you about it yesterday, the name is Ruokojärvi.

I’m glad that I finished writing now 😀

Wish you a nice evening 🙂

Life and nightlife

Saturday, 21th of April

Sorry for the delay, but we were very “busy” last days.
At this post I only pick out the most eventful occasions.

We were still every day at sauna and went swimming or to the fitness centre.
Yesterday evening we went with our friends Evgeny and Ricky to the Chinese restaurant located near the market square, the food was quite good, the most of us ate duck, garnished in different ways. In Finland it’s totally unusal to give tips.

After dinner Stefan H., Lee and me (Stefan B.) met together at Evgeny and Ricky’s flat, which is located one floor upper than our flat.
Actually there were some other girls too so all in all it was pretty funny.

At approximately half past 11 Lee, Evgeny, Ricky, the girls and me decided to pay a visit to the disco. There are “two” discos in Kankaanpää, Villi and Americanos, we went to both of them. The night was quiet long and eventful.
Very stunning is the fact that there are many fights between youth’s in Finland, not only in Kankaanpää, in whole Finland. Also there have been formed some “gangs”, it’s really strange because some drunk people are very annoying!

We got a mercedes for that weekend too, so we’re going to visit Pori tomorrow. Pori is a seaport with beautiful beaches. I hope the wether will be good because it’s very cloudy today, but in Finland the wether changes very fast.

Here are some pictures, the lakes in Finland are mostly still frozen, the views are very impressive and it’s possible that you end up at a very remote place if you want so :D.
The landscape is beautiful, there are old houses, mostly typically finnish darkred-painted surrounded by trees. Sorry for the bad quality, but we had only the handy camera with us.

This is Lee’s and my working place at Casamedia Ky:

We wish you a nice weekend 🙂

Another working day

Wednesday, 18th of April

This is not gonna be a large post, we’ll just want to show you some pictures.

Casamedia Ky, the working place from Lee, the two Germans and me:

We already told you that we’re working at a residential home where a family with three small children live, so this is how it looks like.

In the next picture you see the eating room at our dormitory, the food is quite good, yesterday we had salmon baked with blue cheese and it tasted awesome.

Also really stunning is the weather in Finland, it’s typically April weather, but instead of rain, like we know it from Austria, it snows during the sun is shining. It actually looks really beautiful.

We just came back from the in-house sauna to our room.

Nice evening 😉